Saturday, September 25, 2021

Register: Fill out this form if this is your first race of the season. Send us a copy or deliver when signing in. No memberships or licences are required to participate.

Payment: eTransfer (at least 1 day prior) or cash on site. See prices. If unable to attend, payment will be transferred to your next race.

Prepare: Review the race info below, including route links. Study the course in the days prior to the race to familiarize yourself with the route and surroundings if you have never ridden the Cabot Trail.

Notify: Send a brief message naming all who are attending, including volunteers, or if you need more information about the event.

Race Info

Cabot Trail Challenge

  • Special Event
  • Saturday, September 25, 2021
  • 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Ultra, Relay, Open
  • Baddeck, Victoria
  • [Ultra], [Relay]
  • 279.7 km
  • pavement: 279.7 km
  • 3913 m

This is a team-oriented event. Clubs may enter more than one race type. Participants may ride with established clubs or form their own teams just for this event. Those without any affiliation will enter an independent pool to form new teams or later be assigned to existing ones. Each team will supply its own support vehicle, though basic neutral support will also be provided.

    About the race types ...
  • ULTRA: Very difficult physically and mentally. 3+ members per team. All members ride the entire distance. Team result based on time of third member to complete the distance.
  • RELAY: Semi-competitive. 3-12 members per team. One member per leg (12 legs). Team result based on legs completed (within cut-off) and finish order (after each stage).
  • OPEN: Non-competitive. Anyone may participate. Ride in one or more legs for recreation or in support of competitors. Not timed.

Further instructions (eg. transitions zones, female/youth participants, schedules, cut-off times, etc.) to be posted in July.