Saturday, June 12, 2021

This event has been rescheduled from May 1.

Register: Fill out this form if this is your first race of the season. Send us a copy or deliver when signing in. No memberships or licences are required to participate.

Payment: eTransfer (at least 1 day prior) or cash on site. See prices (free or $20). If unable to attend, payment will be transferred to your next race.

Prepare: Review the race info below, including route links. Ride the course in the days prior to the race to familiarize yourself with the route and surroundings.

Notify: Send a brief message naming all who are attending, including volunteers, or if you need more information about the event.

Race Info

Chezzetcook Time Trial

  • Time Trial #2 of 4
  • Saturday, June 12, 2021
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • A/C (aero), B/D (non-aero)
  • Lawrencetown Beach Prov Park, HRM
  • [A/B] and [C/D]
  • 16.0 km (A/B), 8.0 km (C/D)
  • 100% pavement
  • 115 m (A/B), 63 m (C)

From Dartmouth: Hwy 207 East for 19 km to Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.
From Valley: Hwy 101 East to Lower Sackville (Exit 1F, right lane) ... Hwy 7/33 (Bedford Bypass) South for 9 km to Dartmouth ... Hwy 322 South for 1 km (exit for Eastern Shore) ... Hwy 111 East for 6 km to Exit 7E ... Hwy 207 East for 19 km to Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.
From Truro: Hwy 102 South to Fall River (Exit 5, left lane) ... Hwy 118 South for 14 km to Dartmouth (Exit 11) ... Hwy 111 South for 3 km to Exit 7E ... Hwy 207 East for 19 km to Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park on Highway 207 at East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Enter via the eastern entrance; the western entrance will be closed. Drive back through the parking lot and park your vehicle at the far western end near the closed gate. Public facilities will be closed, so visit a service station for bathrooms en route to the park. We will have a couple of change tents available if you need to change into your kit on site.

Registration opens at 10:00 for Categories A and B and closes at 10:15 with the start list posted a few minutes later. For Categories C and D, registration opens at 10:15 and closes at 10:30 with the start list posted a few minutes later. Feel free to arrive earlier if you want time to warm up.

Bring a volunteer and we will waive your race fee: marshal, first aid, mechanic, photographer, or anything you can offer that will enhance the race experience. Pick up a number plate and attach it to the post under the saddle; no bib numbers or pins.

After completing the race, return your number plate, check results, and help yourself to a light homemade lunch.

If you have previous race experience (TT or RR) in Categories A or B, choose the longer course. For those with experience in Categories C or D as well as those new to time trials, choose the shorter course. The shorter courses (8/10/16/20 km) in this TT series are half the distance of the longer courses (16/20/32/40 km).

If you want to use aero equipment (TT bike, aero bars, aero helmet, disc wheel, etc.), choose either Category A (longer) or C (shorter). If you want to race Merckx style (ie. no aero gear), choose Category B (longer) or D (shorter). Your equipment does not have to be UCI compliant.

If you are a paracyclist, enter Category C unless you are a solo rider on a standard road bike, in which case enter Category D. After the race, you and the organizer may discuss to reassess your proper category.

Start Times:
Arrive at the start line at the time below. Cats A/B start at Old Harvey Lane (north end) and Cats C/D start at Sellars Head Road where the Blueberry Run Trail crosses the highway. You will depart moments later. Interval time will depend on attendance.

11:00 Category B (non-aero)
11:05 Category A (aero)
11:30 Category D (non-aero)
11:35 Category C (aero)

The finish line will be at the western entrance to the park. Check the map links above for exact locations of the start and finish lines.

Do not ride in the west/southbound lane after the first rider departs (10:45 AM). You might inadvertently interfere with another rider.

You are not permitted to draft behind another rider. Stay at least 3 seconds behind or move over towards the centre line and attempt to pass. When passing, shout out to let the other rider know. If you are unable to pass, drop back completely before making another attempt.

There are no feed zones nor support vehicles. A sweep vehicle will pass through after the last rider to confirm that no one has been left stranded. Be patient if you experience mechanical trouble.

There will be a first aid station at the race headquarters. If you require further medical attention, call 9-1-1. The nearest hospital is 21 km away in Dartmouth, located on Hwy 322 just west of the end of Hwy 111.

This event will proceed unless weather conditions are severe (high winds, thick fog, lightning, etc.).