2018 Turbocrit

June 30

June 30, 2018

Visit the event page for updates about the race: https://www.facebook.com/events/1624785450949712/
There will be another event the next day Highland Stage Race: TT+RR, so stay the night and race the whole weekend.


Roadents Competitive Cycling in partnership with Highland Bike Shop, Antigonish Highland Games, Keppoch Mountain, Riverside International Speedway


Riverside International Speedway
101 Beaver Mountain Road, Antigonish County, NS

Drive on Highway 104 to Antigonish County.
Take Exit 30 at James River and turn south.
Turn right on Beaver Mountain Road, first road south of highway.
Speedway will be on the left.

Accommodations: https://www.visitantigonish.ca/stay/ Dining: https://www.visitantigonish.ca/eat/


Online registration only. There will be NO registration on site. A valid BNS/UCI race license must be shown at sign-in, unless purchasing an OEM.

Group Fee
Youth (18 and younger): $25
Adult (19 and older): $45

One Event Membership (for non-licensed racers): $25

Numbers will be pinned on the left side.

You can pick up jersey numbers on site if you haven't raced this year. Keep them as you can use them again for the remainder of the racing season.


09:00 Sign in and warm-up (on track)
11:00 Opening ceremony (Antigonish Highland Games)
11:15 Kids Race
12:00 Cat A
13:15 Cat B/AF/U19M
14:15 Cat C/BF
15:00 Cat D/CF/U19F/U17/U15/U13
16:00 Open Ride

There will be podium presentations immediately after the completion of each race.



The racetrack is 4 lanes wide, measuring 492 metres around the inside and 576 metres around the outside. The straightaways are banked at 6 degrees (10% slope) and the ends are banked at 14 degrees (25% slope).


1. Flying Sprint

Start in the pit area and then out onto the track. Keep to the outside two lanes while gathering speed. Cross the start/finish line to start timing and drop down to the inside lane. Stay in this lane for one lap (500 m). Once across the finish line, slow down enough to exit at the first bend back into the pit area. Come to a stop at the far end of the pit. There may be two cyclists on the course at any given moment, one accelerating and the other sprinting. Everyone in the race group completes this stage before progressing to the next. The classification will be ordered from fastest time to slowest for each category. Stage points will be awarded based on placing.

2. Chariot Race

The category is divided evenly into groups of 5 to 8 riders, ranked from slowest Flying Sprint times to the fastest. The slowest group will line up abreast along the start line. Volunteers will be there to hold the bikes while the riders clip in. On the start signal, everyone races around the track for one lap. The next group does the same until the fastest group has completed its race. Classification will be based on the order of finish within each group, starting with the fastest group and ending with the slowest group. Stage points will be awarded based on placing.

3. Points Race

Everyone in the race group will line up at the start line. At the signal, everyone will race a pre-determined number of laps for that particular category. There will be 5 points laps which will begin when a race official rings a bell. The first to cross the finish line will earn 5 points, the second will earn 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point. The race continues until the next bell when the first four crossing the finish line earn additional points. On the final lap of the race, points will be worth double (10, 6, 4, 2 points). Cyclists who are lapped will be pulled from the race at the discretion of the commissaires. Classification will be based on total points earned then finish order on the last lap. Stage points will be awarded based on placing.

4. Elimination Race

Everyone in the race group will line up at the start line. At the signal, everyone will race three laps around the track. An official will ring a bell when the pack begins the 4th lap. The last rider to cross the finish line will be pulled from the race. Watch and listen for an official to indicate which rider must exit the race. Once identified, the rider must slow down safely and take one of the exit lanes into the pit before crossing the finish line again. Every lap the final rider to cross the finish line will be pulled until there are only 3 riders remaining. The final lap is a sprint to the finish for first, second and third place. The classification will be based on the order of completed laps before being pulled. Stage points will be awarded based on placing.

Riders are not required to compete in every stage in order to participate in this event. Final classification for the Turbocrit will be based on the sum of stage points earned. Regular BNS points will be awarded for this event

Race Results


Antigonish Highland Games


Higland Bike Shop


Keppoch Mtn.


Riverside Speedway


Enterprise Rent-A-Car


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